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Taking Care of your Lithium Battery


h2>No matter how superior your Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery is. you must give a proper attention towards its charging.

Here are few important points to consider for the charging of the battery:-
NEVER charge Lithium Ferrous batteries with a charger not specifically compatible with Lithium Ferrous batteries! ONLY use a charger which can apply the “constant current / constant voltage” (cc/cv) charge technique with Lithium Ferrous voltage set

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Going on Camping – Take Power with you | Galo Energy


p>Camping has always been a recreational activity for most of us. Staying away with the hassles of life for days let us re-discover our internal peace.

However if we didn’t go to camping well prepared then the motive of camping will go in vain.

One of the most important thing for the camping is power backup for charging our devices, lightening our tent running our portable fans etc as these things are important for us even in camping.

We “Galo En

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Importance of BMS in Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Batteries


p>LiFePO4 batteries are best known for their strong safety profile, the result of extremely stable chemistry. These are also considered to be incombustible. However this is only possible in the presence of a proper in-built BMS.

GALO Lithium Ferrous Battery Pack with In-built GALO BMS offers 5-Layer protection

Over Voltage Protection:
Over Voltage for a long period of time while charging can

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