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About Us

Galo Energy is a manufacturer that tackles the customer need for electricity by
introducing our sustainable products. The products are proudly made
in India. With a strong technical & manufacturing background, Galo has the vision
to be a product of choice for end customers.

Products to address Power Needs

Galo’s product range addresses the power needs of the customers for electricity bill saving , power cuts and energy efficiency appliances.

100% Manufacturing in India

Galo’s products are proudly manufactured in India thus giving service support to the customers.

Strong Technical Background

Galo is a part of group of companies led by Technocrats with extensive experience in the solar power industry.

Why Work With Us ?

Increasing Electricity Bills and Power Cuts both are leading to deployment of Solar Powered , Power Backup & Energy Efficient solutions


100 MW+ Installed Base


Inhouse Research & Design Team


Experienced Group delivering solar , battery , electronics solutions


Certified Products


Committed to Product Innovations

Proudly Made in India
100% Power Guaranteed
Service Support

Innovative Ideas

Innovation and technology leading to a greener future.

Service Support

We have high qualified and professional team.

Professional Support

Technical team to help you design solutions

Competitive Price

A high level service provider that recommended to any company.

Quality Product

We provide clean energy solutions that are feasible and innovative

Ontime Delivery

We deliver all products on time.

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