Galo Energy Solar Panel 335W 24V – Polycrystalline

Galo Energy 335 Watt Solar Panel 24 V – Polycrystalline


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Weight 18000 g
Dimensions 199 × 100 × 10 cm


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Galo Solar 335 Watt-24 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel is an ideal product to Power basic appliances of a household. It requires little to No Maintenance and comes with Hassle- Free Installations. Designed to Charged Batteries, Excellent for lighting, Mobile charging & Off Grid Application. 25 years warranty of performance & 5 Years Manufacturing Warranty. Galo Solar 335 panel is built with Anti-reflective Glass and Anodized Aluminum Frame. Better Performance in Cloudy Weather. Galo Energy 335 Watt 24 Volt Polycrystalline solar panel with a Grade A High-Efficiency Solar Cell. Perfect for 24-volt battery charging or multiple panels can be wired in series for 24/48-volt battery charging or for grid-tied applications. Withstand high wind and snow loads; resistant aluminum frame which allows the panels to last for decades. Compatible with on-grid and off-grid inverters. High-performance Solar PV Modules. PID Resistance Module for Long Reliability. Positive Power Tolerance and Output. Designed with new generation With technology. Perfect for 24 Volt Battery charging. Panels can be wired in Series for 24 Volt Batteries. Designed with Silver Anodized High-Tech Aluminum Frame. Comes with Premium connecting plugs and ensures a Reliable Connection.

  • SIMPLE AND VERSATILE: — Galo 335W 24 Volt Solar Panel Polycrystalline can be used for many different applications like On-Grid Solar power Systems, and Off Grid Solar Power Systems. Galo Solar 335w 24V Polycrystalline Perfect for 24Volt Battery Charging, Ideal for cabins, shades, remote locations, and other small power generation needs.
  • . Perfect Solution for home and On –Grid & Off-grid Solar Power utility:-Galo Energy Solar panel 335 Watt 24 Volt Polycrystalline Solar cells produced from more power.
  • EASY INSTALLATION -Ready for installation. Unlike other Solar panels, with Galo Energy, Pre-drilled holes are compatible with common ground mounts, brackets, side pole mounts, and tilt mounts. Mounting hardware is not included. It may also use for a Solar Power Plant Installation on Rooftop. Pre Drilled holes for Grounding.
  •  Durable– -Unlike other Solar Panels that break down over time, the Galo Energy is made of premium, sturdy, unbreakable acrylic that will stand the test of time for protection that lasts. The anodized aluminum frames, tempered glass, and sealed junction box make the solar panel corrosion-resistant and weatherproof for superior outdoor performance. Give To Positive Output.
  •  Fit for your Way- The Galo Energy 335W Solar Panel is specifically designed to be the perfect fit for giving power to any office, any house, power station, and anywhere else you want to keep safe and secure. Galo solar panel 335 watts 24 volt Poly PERC Solar panels are Built with Grade Poly PERC Solar Cells.
  •  LOVE IT FOR -If you do not love our Galo Solar Panel Acrylic Shield Guard we will refund your entire purchase amount within 30 days. No questions asked. Order yours now before they are gone.


Weight 18000 g
Dimensions 199 × 100 × 10 cm


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Capacity335 W
 Product Warranty60 Moths
Standard Output Warranty25 Years
Nominal Voltage24 Voltage
Dimension199 × 100 × 3.5 cm
Weight18 Kg
ManufacturerGalo- Energy
Country of originIndia
Generic NameSolar Panel
Net Quantity1.00 Unit


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