Galo Solar Water Pumps

Cultivating Prosperity with Every Sunbeam

10 HP AC Solar Pump Expert

More than 10,000 happy farmers in Haryana

More than 50 service engineers in Haryana

starting from 4 inch HDPE Pipe

Successfully installed projects

Galo Brand

Galo’s product range addresses the power needs of the customers for electricity bill saving , power cuts and energy efficiency appliances.

Brand Galo Power Solar

Galo’s products are proudly manufactured in India thus giving service support to the customers.


Galo Energy systems are built for unwavering reliability, ensuring you have a consistent and dependable energy supply.

Safety Feature

Safety is paramount. Our systems include advanced safety features to protect users, the environment, and the system itself.


Our Galo Energy solutions are designed for the long haul, featuring durable components and technology that extend system lifespan.

Hassle Free Installation

Transitioning to Galo Energy is seamless. We manage the entire installation process, ensuring minimal disruption and providing thorough training and support.

What makes us different

Key Features

Iron Structure

Galo Solar Water Pump provides galvanized iron mounting structures with manual provision to adjust

Safety Features

Solar Water Pump has advanced safety features including dry run, reverse polarity, low voltage and lightning arrestor

Water Output

Galo Solar Pump ensures consistent water output year on year across all seasons to irrigate large acres of land.

Remote Monitering

It also has rust-free motor-set made of stainless steel and remote monitoring option.

Solar Synergy: Harnessing Clean Energy, Brightening a Sustainable Future

Our Application


Galo Domestic pumps are perfect for residential use, ensuring consistent water pressure for taps and versatile applications such as garden watering and fountains.


Galo effectively fulfills diverse agricultural requirements, whether it's for drip irrigation, agricultural sprinkler systems, or field irrigation.


Galo pumps serve various industrial purposes, including cutting, grinding, fire-fighting, sewage management, and system heating and cooling.

Commercial Building Sector

Galo is a prominent choice in establishments like hotels, corporations, and malls, delivering high-pressure solutions for cooling, heating, wastewater management, and more with advanced digital technology.


As a Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) channel partner, Galo offers a range of Solar pumps from 1HP to 100 HP, providing simplicity and superior discharge, outperforming ordinary pumps by 40%.

Sewage & Drainage

Galo pumps find extensive utility in domestic, industrial, and other sectors, from draining flooded areas like basements and car parks to sewage management in water treatment plants.

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