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Embrace the revolution of renewable energy with Galo Energy. From robust solar power plants to efficient solar water pumps, we're turning sunlight into a sustainable powerhouse for your daily needs
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About Us

At Galo Energy, we are driven by a singular vision: to illuminate the path to a sustainable future with innovative energy solutions. As a pioneering manufacturer deeply rooted in the fabric of India, we address the critical need for reliable electricity through our range of sustainable products. Our mission extends beyond mere energy provision; it’s about crafting a legacy of empowerment, efficiency, and environmental stewardship.
A Legacy of Innovation and Sustainability

Founded on the principles of innovation, quality, and sustainability, Galo Energy stands as a testament to the power of homegrown solutions in revolutionizing the energy landscape.

Proudly Made in India

Technical Excellence at Our Core In a world clamoring for sustainable solutions, Galo Energy takes pride in its roots. Our products are 100% manufactured in India, embodying the spirit of self-reliance and pioneering excellence.

Our Vision for the Future

our journey is guided by the ambition to be the product of choice for end customers seeking sustainable, efficient, and reliable energy solutions.

Sustain Your Water Supply, Empower Your Fields with Solar
Unlock the Power of the Sun for Uninterrupted Irrigation and Enhanced Crop Growth
What we offer

Empowering Sustainability and Efficiency

Unlock a World of Renewable Solutions with Our Advanced Solar Power Plants and Water Pumps
Solar Water Pumps
Revolutionizing Agriculture with Solar Water Pumps
Solar Power Plants
Harnessing Solar Energy for Unmatched Power Generation
Why Choose Us

Galo Brand

Galo’s product range addresses the power needs of the customers for electricity bill saving , power cuts and energy efficiency appliances.

Galo Energy systems are built for unwavering reliability, ensuring you have a consistent and dependable energy supply.

Safety Feature

Safety is paramount. Our systems include advanced safety features to protect users, the environment, and the system itself.


Our Galo Energy solutions are designed for the long haul, featuring durable components and technology that extend system lifespan.

Hassle Free Installation

Transitioning to Galo Energy is seamless. We manage the entire installation process, ensuring minimal disruption and providing thorough training and support.

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